FREE WORKSHOP: 3 Steps to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

Leave Guilt & Shame Off Your Plate So You Can Eat with Peace and Freedom

Sunday, November 13 @ 11 am EST (8 am PST)


During this free 60-minute workshop, I'll teach you my 3-step method to heal your relationship with food and avoid overeating and feeling guilty before you write your New Year's Resolutions.😉

You'll walk away knowing how to...

  • Identify the root cause of your overeating and food guilt (because you're smart and you should "know better").
  • End the exhausting cycle of restricting, bingeing, and "getting back on track tomorrow" for good.
  • Stop obsessively thinking about food all day leading up to your holiday meal (only to inhale your plate as soon as you sit down).
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If you're ready to stop feeling out of control with food so you can ENJOY the holidays with your loved ones, guilt and binge-FREE, RSVP now for this exclusive, free, invite-only workshop!

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What Women Are Saying About This Workshop

Hey hey, I'm your host!

Sloane Elizabeth


I’m Sloane Elizabeth, a food freedom coach, holistic wellness expert, and creator of the Eat with Love & Intuition method. I help women heal their relationships with food using science and spirituality so they can finally ditch obsession, guilt, shame, and restrictive control for good. Unlike other coaches, I will never tell you what to eat or how to live - instead, I empower my clients to tap into their soul’s intuition and unique body cues in order to make the most aligned, high-vibe decisions for their holistic health.

I've helped over 200 women on 5 continents heal their relationships with food, body image, and self-love - whether you've been struggling for 2 decades or 2 months, I can help you find peace + joy with food again.

If this sounds anything like you…

  • Worrying about calories and skipping lunch so you can eat more at the holiday dinner...
  • Feeling like food is taking up way too much brain space and keeping you from being present with your loved ones...
  • Feeling confused about how to listen to your body and hunger cues…
  • Then You Need To Be At This Workshop!