Mindful Eating 101

Learn how to eat, cook, and grocery shop with mindful ease and presence.

Eating, cooking, and enjoying food gets to be a sacred experience - so when did you start ignoring your body and instead shoveling food into your mouth while watching TV and scrolling on TikTok?!

Eating mindlessly can feel like whiplash - 

You feel all over the place with food and your hunger/fullness cues.

You’re multitasking while eating and barely even tasting your food.

You’re snacking while cooking or preparing your kids’ lunches and then aren’t even hungry for the main meal.

And you feel ungrounded at meal time like you just can’t slow down…and then guilty once you realized you've mindlessly eaten past fullness again.

That sounds freaking exhausting!

Especially considering the fact that you’re eating at least 3 times a day…every day…for the rest of your life…

And now you know it's time to finally learn how to eat mindfully - I LOVE THAT FOR YOU!

But the thing about mindful eating though is that it is NOT just about eating slowly without distractions.

It is so much more intentional, healing, and powerful than that.

Mindful eating is about being one with your food.


In tune.

Tapped in.

At peace.

AND, mindfulness doesn’t just get to be a part of your meal time - it’s also about your experience cooking the food (or ordering it at a restaurant). And it’s also about the energy with which you shop for the food or acquire it!

I know, deep, right?!

(Are we surprised though? I am the queen of coaching around food that ends up having little to do with food and everything to do with those deeper, below-the-surface thoughts and feelings that then end up influencing your relationship with food).

Ultimately, by not eating mindfully, you’re sabotaging your:

  • Relationship with food (hello guilt, overeating, and ignoring your fullness cues)
  • Digestive system (ever noticed you feel bloated when you eat fast…?)
  • Focus (trying to eat and watch TV and work and scroll is just plain old inefficient)
  • Health (if you’re mindlessly eating, you’re likely not prioritizing your health and well-being like you freaking DESERVE to)
  • Relationships (are you even fully present when you’re eating with loved ones)

That’s why you need the Mindful Eating 101 course!

Mindful Eating 101 is a 3-part course to introduce presence, awareness, peace, and intuition into your ENTIRE food experience from shopping to cooking to eating to digesting.

But again, mindful eating isn’t just going to walk into your kitchen once you start eating slower and putting your phone down.

In fact, those are the LAST steps of the mindful eating puzzle!

And don’t tell me that "once your life gets less busy and you have more time for your meals you’ll finally start mindfully eating" - 

Because I’ll call BS!

The truth is that the REASON you’re mindlessly eating right now - shoveling food into your mouth without catching your breath, feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the grocery store and in the kitchen, eating too quickly and then feeling gross after - is rooted in deep subconscious beliefs and habits.

So simply changing your external reality - aka putting your phone in the other room while you eat - isn’t going to prevent you from feeling out of control, tapped out, and confused around food.

And even if it DOES, I can almost guarantee that that new habit won’t last too long

But could you imagine what would happen if you:

  • Felt peaceful at meal times
  • Actually tasted your food and felt satisfied by what you were eating
  • Were in touch with your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  • Focused on your food with gratitude and appreciation
  • Allowed your digestive system to lovingly accept the foot
  • Ate more slowly and intentionally
  • Chose your meals and spices on purpose without going on autopilot

If the answer is anything besides “F*CK YES”, then START imagining it! Because this is what’s possible for you inside Mindful Eating 101.

What you'll learn:

What is mindfulness?

  • Learn the truth behind what “being mindful” actually means and looks like.
  • Apply mindfulness to all areas of your life.
  • Create consistent, realistic habits and rituals that you can actually stick to to feel peace and calm throughout your day.

Mindful Shopping

  • Learn how to intentionally and calmly grocery shop.
  • Implement the step-by-step process of mindful grocery shopping that’s easy enough for anyone to use.
  • Learn how to tap into your intuitive senses as you begin your experience with this food.
  • Release overwhelm and anxiety around the grocery shopping experience.

Mindful Cooking

  • Get creative and intentional with your cooking - even if you’re not a “good” cook.
  • Develop a more tapped in relationship with your food before you even eat it.
  • Learn the steps to get clear on what your body actually is asking you to prepare.
  • Feel confident in your food preparation decisions.

Mindful Eating

  • Use my step-by-step checklist to set yourself up for a mindful, peaceful meal.
  • Learn how to feel more satisfied by your food with a mindset hack that will change the game!
  • Tap into all of your senses to focus on your food and release unnecessary distractions.
  • Get comfortable eating alone without the TV or your phone - and actually start enjoying it!

Mindful Digesting

  • Tune into your body’s sensitivities and cues to learn how it responds to food
  • Improve your digestion and absorption of the food’s nutrients
  • Release the bloating and pain that comes from overeating and ignoring your fullness cues

Hunger Vs Boredom Eating

  • Discern between real physical hunger and emotional hunger
  • Stop using food to distract yourself from your emotions
  • Feel empowered and confident in your hunger cues

And so much more!!

If we're being real, mindlessly eating is honestly disrespectful

It’s disrespectful to the food, first of all, because you’re not valuing its divine energy and ability to literally NOURISH your body and provide you with your entire life force!

Like holy sh*t - food is so powerful and beautiful, and it deserves our full attention and respect! Even if it's some McDonald’s fries ;)

Mindlessly eating is also disrespectful to yourself and your body.

The truth is that you DESERVE to have a beautiful, healthy, loving relationship with food.

You deserve to feel like you and food are on the same team ;) Instead of feeling like it’s a constant battle or like eating food is just a chore.

And the coolest part is that when you learn to eat mindfully, you’ll not only improve your relationship with food and your body, but you’ll also be able to LIVE mindfully in all other areas of your life…

This is the type of stuff I’m talking about:

  • Eat slowly and peacefully - no rushing or inhaling your food
  • Stop missing your fullness cues and actually register when you’re ready to stop eating
  • Completely enjoy your food
  • Feel genuinely satisfied by what you’re eating
  • Be 100% present with your food 
  • Feel mindful and aware of your food choices and behaviors
  • Go to the grocery store feeling excited and confident in your choices
  • Feel connected to your food with natural gratitude and love
  • Eat without screens or your phone without feeling bored or awkward
  • Appreciate the beauty of your food and let it totally nourish you
  • Enjoy LIFE with more awareness and presence 
  • Feel very at peace and confident that you are eating mindfully 
  • Trust yourself to eat peacefully and calmly in any situation

The level of mindfulness that I love to teach is what has allowed me to not only improve my relationship with food, but also my relationship with life

I used to be so rushed.

So “busy”.

Always stuck in a whirlwind.

And yes, sometimes I catch myself feeling all of those ways again!

But now, I have a level of presence and awareness that I can use to snap me back into the present moment of NOW.

Because I decided that I want to experience life now.

I want to enjoy the memories that are in front of me now.

I want to slow down and enjoy the delicious magic of food that I have right here.

I want to feel calm and at peace even amidst the chaos and business.

And I deserve this now.

As do you.

There’s no time to wait - time is already passing us by.

Mindfulness is available for you now - in your eating, cooking, shopping, digesting, and living…and you’re ready to step into it!

This is exactly how👇🏼

  • Enroll now.
  • Get instant and LIFETIME access to the online course.


  • Potent video lessons in 3 magical modules that teach you the step-by-step method to eat and live mindfully.
  • Worksheets for each lesson to take notes.
  • Journaling prompts for each lesson to reflect and rewire your old beliefs and habits.
  • Aligned action checklists after every lesson so you know exactly WHAT to do to implement the mindful practices and experience wins instantly.
  • And entire suite of BONUSES
  • Lifetime access to the curriculum! 
  • Access to our Facebook Community for 24/7 support and accountability - post your questions, reflections, and wins in there so the community can celebrate you and I can help you!
Enroll in Mindful Eating 101 Now!

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And did I mention...BONUSES?!👇🏼

Get it ALL!

  • How to Deal with Emotional & Boredom Eating
  • Food Freedom Bonus Masterclasses
  • Mindful Grocery Shopping Checklist
  • Mindful Cooking Checklist
  • Mindful Eating Checklist
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Meet Your Coach!

Sloane Elizabeth is a holistic wellness coach and food freedom expert specializing in helping women stop dieting, obsessing, restricting, and stressing over food so that they can experience food freedom and body love.

She uses a unique and powerful combination of science and spirituality to help her clients Eat with Love & Intuition. Sloane is also a published author and has been featured on Food Network, The Doctors, Betches, and Authority Magazine.

If you think that eating mindlessly, quickly, and without intention is normal or “not that big of a deal”, then I would say you’re 50% right.

Yes, it has been NORMALIZED. Yes, most of your friends probably eat this way.

And yeah, you’re probably not gonna die from it!

But is it normal? F*ck no.

And is it something you should keep ignoring and pushing off until you “have more time”? Abso-freaking-lutely not!

Because you’re eating food at least 3 times a day, every single day, FOREVER!

If you live to 100 (I’m rooting for you!!), that’s 89,790 meals from the time you’re 18…

OVER 89k!!

That is so many experiences with food that could be filled with peace, awareness, and gratitude instead of feeling rushed, anxious, and numb.

And even if you wait 3 months to do this healing, that’s still 270 meals.

If you only give yourself 20 minutes per meal, that’s 90 HOURS spent feeling all over the place, overwhelmed, stressed, tapped out, and ultimately disconnected from your body.

So is staying in your comfort zone and pushing this off again and again actually worth it to you?

Or - does it make more sense (and feel BETTER) to set yourself up for mindful eating success NOW before you waste another 270 meals that could have felt peaceful, grounded, and enjoyable?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

This is a self-paced course delivered through video modules and online resources. There are 4 modules, and each module comes with a video (to learn), a worksheet (to take notes), journal prompts (to dig deep!), and aligned action (to implement).

You will also have access to the bonus folder with additional checklists, guides, and resources.

Once you sign up and get your login details, you're ready to begin!

How long is the course?

The course is broken into 4 modules. It is self-paced, so you can go through it as slowly or quickly as you want to. You also will have lifetime access to the course, so you can go through it as many times as you'd like.

The recommended pace is 4-5 weeks.

What do I do if I have a question?

You will have lifetime access to our private Facebook Group so you can ask questions - Sloane will personally answer all questions, and the other community members are encouraged to chime in and support you too. You'll never be alone in this journey!

I don't know if I can hold myself accountable - what should I do?

That's exactly why you're here! Without support and guidance, you haven't yet been able to eat mindfully. That's why you will have lifetime access to the course - so you can go at your own pace - and access to Sloane in the Facebook group so you can reach out when you need support.

Being in the Facebook Group will also massively help with accountability - when you see other women having wins, you're going to want to invest your time in this too!

You will also get weekly accountability emails from Sloane encouraging you every step of the way.

I don't have enough time for this - help!

Everyone is super busy these days, and often the excuse of "not having enough time" is just that - an excuse fabricated by the self-sabotage that got you here!

The reality is that you're going to be eating every day forever, so whether you like it or not, you're already making time for this! Just not in the most effective way ;)

If you have time to scroll on social media every day, you have time for this course. And if you're extra busy one week, it's ok - the course is yours forever!

Can I talk to Sloane 1:1?

Sloane will be available to answer your questions in the Facebook group. To explore 1:1 coaching options, please email support@sloane-elizabeth.com.

The choice is yours, my love!

I am SO excited just thinking about all the ah-ha moments and transformations you’re going to experience at the grocery store, in your kitchen, at your office, in your dining room, at your favorite restaurant, and everywhere else in between -

It’s going to be epic, and you DESERVE this peace, ease, and distraction-free nourishment.

If you don’t yet believe that you deserve it, then just borrow my belief for a moment.

Because I know, for sure, that feeling tapped in, connected, and mindful with your food and body is your birthright.