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12 Weeks To Heal Your Relationship With Food And Eat With Love & Intuition By Combining Science With Spirituality

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Let's get a few things straight right off the bat:

  • Food freedom is your birthright. Period.
  • Dieting is not normal. But it's not your fault.

Healing your relationship with food is a foundational part of living a full, abundant, healthy life.

And you have the potential to not just "go back" to how it was before you ever started dieting, but to skyrocket FORWARD into the best relationship with food that you've EVER had.

One that is






Your relationship with food is one of the most important relationships in your life.

(And yes, it is a relationship. It's a two-way street between you and food!)

You have to eat, every day, multiple times a day, forever!

So there's really no escaping this babe - but that doesn't have to be a bad thing...

You see, you were born eating intuitively whether you remember it or not.

But somewhere along the way, your relationship with food took a turn...

The clean eating turned into obsession...

The ambition to be healthy turned into perfectionism...

The health goals turned into restriction...

The restriction turned into binge eating...

The desire to control turned into spiraling out of control...

The yummy desserts turned into guilt-filled shame...

The gym turned into a jail...

And it's f*cking exhausting.

It drains your brain space.

It steals your focus.

It distracts you from your loved ones.

Well -- not anymore!

It is time to get your freedom back and enjoy food again!!

Worrying about what you're gonna eat next, counting calories, and obsessively thinking about food is a huge waste of your time and energy.

Enough is enough - food doesn't get to have the power over you anymore!

And honestly, it never actually did...

You always had your power. You still have it now.

And also by the way - your food issues and yo-yo dieting and black-and-white-thinking were never actually about food in the first place.

Confused? Shocked? Stay with me...

Yes, of course, binge eating is about eating food. And yes, of course, restricting is about fear of food.

But deeeeep down at the core root of WHY you started struggling with food in the first place is fear and self-limiting beliefs around:

  • safety
  • trust
  • self-worth
  • control
  • self-sabotage
  • perfectionism
  • self-love

...yeah, we're going there.

I guess I should warn you now - if you want to just talk about food and not dive deep into the core layers of healing, this isn't the right program for you.

These deep rooted fears are living in your subconscious mind - the part of your brain responsible for core beliefs and automatic behaviors - but it's time to rewire those beliefs.

You get to have peace again.

You get to have your life back.

You get to have more than just *food freedom* -- you get to have an empowered, healthy, thriving, intuitive, free, supportive, easyyyy relationship with food!!

And it will change your entire life.

That’s why I'm inviting you into the Food Freedom Collective!

The Food Freedom Collective is a 12-week healing program that helps women heal through restricting, binge eating, obsessing, and feeling like food controls their lives to πŸ‘‰ food freedom, Eating with Love & Intuition, thriving holistic health, and ultimate peace.

The Food Freedom Collective is all about healing on a subconscious, conscious, and physical level using science and spirituality so you can Eat with Love & Intuition.

If you want food freedom - no rules, restrictions, guilt, or anxiety - then you have to actually heal.

Most people think their food struggle are about food.

So in order to "fix" it, they focus on more food-related things...

βœ–οΈ following a meal plan

βœ–οΈ eating their fear foods

βœ–οΈ "allowing" themselves to eat whatever, whenever

βœ–οΈ following the 10 steps of Intuitive Eating

But it never lasts,

because that's not what this is really about...

This healing is about healing the subconscious self-limiting beliefs around control, self-worth, and self-love so you can anchor into unconditional self-love.

When you unconditionally love yourself, it becomes EASY to pick aligned foods, portions, desserts, and exercise for yourself...

So yes, this is about helping you Eat with Love & Intuition!

🍽 eat when you're hungry

🍽 stop when you're full

🍽 know exactly what to eat and when

🍽 eat without guilt or shame

but on a deeper level, this is about self-love at its core.

AND - it's about intuitive activation and coming home to the thriving, health glowing goddess you were always meant to be!!

Because let's be honest -- intuitive eating without spirituality and soul-healing isn't very intuitive at all!

The Eating with Love & Intuition 3-Tiered Healing Framework:

1) Subconscious Rewiring. First, we need to get to the root of where your food thoughts and behaviors are coming from (hint: it has nothing to do with food and everything to do with self-love, control, perfectionism, safety, trust, self-worth, etc!). We use neuroscience and psychology to understand how fear and anxiety are working in your brain, and then we use inner child healing, energy healing, and Higher Self Activation to rewire your old subconscious-limiting beliefs into new, abundant, healthy beliefs.

2) Conscious Processing. Right now, you're probably using avoidance or distraction to "deal" with the anxiety, guilt, and obsessive thoughts about food. Well - that ends here! We use nutritional science to bust the diet culture myths + psychology to cope and help your nervous system regulate. But, logically knowing white bread won't make you gain 10 lbs overnight is very different from peacefully enjoying a sandwich! That's where spirituality comes in - we pull from manifestation, abundance thinking, Law of Attraction, and surrender to help you release negative thoughts and naturally call in the healthy, positive, abundance thoughts.

3) Aligned Intuitive Action. Last but not least, we have to talk about taking action and how you want to behave around food! This is where we talk about what to eat, when, how much, etc. So yes, gentle nutritional science and exercise physiology are important here - the science is REAL. And...if you want to eat intuitively, we need to activate your soul-level intuition. Instead of giving you meal plans or telling you what to eat, we empower YOU to intuitively know and trust exactly what your unique body wants and needs at any given moment.

So, does this sounds like you?

〰️ you're constantly thinking about food and what you "can" eat

〰️ every time you think you've reached food freedom, the fear of weight gain and comparison send you right back to dieting

〰️ you binge or overeat multiple times/week

〰️ you feel like food is taking over your life

〰️ the shame and guilt you feel from your body image just keeps perpetuating the cycle of dieting and isolation

〰️ you're afraid to go out to eat with friends and always check the menu beforehand for the "safe", low-cal options

〰️ you feel guilty for eating your favorite foods and need to compensate after

〰️ you can eat super "clean" during the week but tend to spiral on the weekends and at night

〰️ you compare your hunger and portions to others

〰️ you can't be spontaneous with food and going out with friends

〰️ it feels like you're alway out of control with food

〰️ deep down, you have a fear of not being loved in your body

Please know that you are not alone, and you can make an empowered decision today to heal in a way that will change your life forever.

This is what you'll learn inside the Food Freedom Collective program...

How to rewire your subconscious root limiting beliefs.

  • How the subconscious mind works and why it's so powerful.
  • The root of your struggles with food and body image.
  • The neuroscience and biology behind fear.
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • Inner child healing and energy work to release old traumas.
  • Healing around self-worth, trust, self-sabotage, safety, perfectionism, control, and self-love.

All about control, fear, and anxiety.

  • How to release obsessive control without spiraling out of control.
  • Healing around fear foods and fear of gaining weight.
  • How to stop binge eating for good.
  • What causes fear and anxiety and how to move through it.
  • Psychological coping techniques to deal with food fears and anxiety.
  • How to feel peacefully under control with food and trust yourself again.
  • Healing to trust your body again.
  • How to set boundaries with diet culture and loved ones.

The truth about nutrition and how to feel empowered with your food choices.

  • All about carbs, proteins, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • How to tell when you're hungry and when you're full.
  • The perfect portions for you.
  • How to stop restricting and yo-yo dieting forever.
  • Nutritional science and biology to empower you in your health choices.
  • How to safely stop counting calories and macros.
  • The truth about gentle nutrition and prioritizing your physical health without restricting.
  • All about blood sugar balance and creating satisfying meals.

How to tap into your soul-level intuition.

  • How to communicate with your intuition.
  • Spiritual soul healing.
  • Law of Attraction principles to skyrocket you into freedom and abundance.
  • How to embody your Highest Self.
  • All about abundance, manifesting freedom, and living intuitively.
  • How your intuition can help you make decisions about food and all other things in life.

Diet culture has been keeping you small.

It's trained you to hide your body...

and eat until you're only 80% full...

and binge in secret...

and tiptoe through life...

but you were born to live FREELY!!

That is why this is a food freedom program AND it's not about food at the root.

If it were, I would be doing you a huge disservice.

Because the real magic here for you is remember who you f*cking are...

You are a superwoman.

You are a healthy thriving being.

Your body is trustworthy and divine.

You are divine.

It's time to remember how big you get to be -- it's time to take up space again...freely.

Now could you just for a second imagine what life would look like if you:

  • Woke up NOT thinking about food
  • Had your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer for 1 week+ without worrying that you'll binge it
  • Spontaneously went out to dinner with friends even though it wasn't in your "plan" for your day of meals
  • Ate a sandwich on white bread just because you want to - or eating a salad just because you want to
  • Confidently made all of your food choices with nutrition AND soul health in mind
  • Hung out with your family WITHOUT worrying about what you're gonna eat next
  • Felt complete 1000% trust in your own body
  • Knew exactly what to eatexactly how much, and exactly when for your unique body
  • Felt completely under control with food and sweets
  • No more tracking calories (in an app OR in your head)
  • Ate to support your physical health without becoming obsessive
  • Confidently said no to food without feeling like you're missing out or restricting
  • Had peace again!!! Ah!

If the answer is anything besides β€œF*CK YES”, then START imagining it! Because this is what’s possible for you inside Food Freedom Collective.

This Is How the Program WorksπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Food Freedom Curriculum

  • Get lifetime access to the entire curriculum
  • 6 modules with healing video lessons teaching you the *how*
  • Worksheets with every lesson to take notes
  • Journal prompts with every lesson to begin the subconscious rewiring and digging
  • Aligned action steps with every lesson or sustainable, consistent implementation
  • 6 core meditations for energy work and subconscious rewiring
  • Bonus folder with PDFS, guides, and extra workshops on setting boundaries, cycle syncing, morning routines, mindfulness and MORE!

12 Weeks of Personalized Support

  • Celebrate and share your wins with Sloane and the community in the Facebook Group
  • Submit your Weekend Check-In Form every week to celebrate wins and ask additional questions (or anonymous questions)
  • Get personalized feedback on your Weekend Check-In Form every Monday from our Client Success Manager
  • Get paired with an accountability buddy that you can text and go through the program with
  • Come to monthly live body confidence yoga classes (or watch the replays) to move your body with love

Optional Add-On: 12 Weeks of VIP Group Coaching

  • Get 12 weeks of personalized, intimate coaching with Sloane! There are 2 60-minute calls/week (24 total).
  • Ask Sloane your personal questions every week during hot seat coaching so she can help with your challenges, questions, and concerns
  • There are recordings for every call so you can watch replays

See what past clients have to say:

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β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

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β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Your intuition guided you here. You're ready for more. You're ready for the deep healing.

Following your intuition to freedom isn't something most people do!

Most people stay small,

and comfortable,

and stuck.

But not you...

You're the type of woman who was born to thrive!

You're the type of woman who was made to have an abundance of freedom and health and self-love and peace!

How do I know?

Because you're here.

And you deserve it.

This is your first homework assignment --

follow your intuitive divine wisdom.

This is what's waiting for you...

  • No more binge eating - like ever again
  • Completely enjoying your food
  • Honoring nutrition AND soul food
  • Not thinking about food all day - hello brain space!
  • Being spontaneous and going with the flow of eating out
  • Healing your relationship with self-love and confidence
  • Being 100% present with your food 
  • Feel mindful and aware of your food choices and behaviors
  • Go to the grocery store feeling excited and confident in your choices
  • Feel connected to your food with natural gratitude and love
  • Enjoy LIFE again!!

This could be you!

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

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β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Meet Your Coach!

Sloane Elizabeth is a holistic wellness coach and food freedom expert specializing in helping women stop dieting, obsessing, restricting, and stressing over food so that they can experience food freedom and body love.

She uses a unique and powerful combination of science and spirituality to help her clients Eat with Love & Intuition. Sloane is also a published author and has been featured on Food Network, The Doctors, Betches, and Authority Magazine.

No matter what, I hope you know this:

You deserve a full life - and dieting doesn't need to be a part of that anymore.

No matter your age, your weight, or how long you've been struggling for, food freedom is 100% possible for you - and meant for you.

I promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?

As soon as you sign up, you'll get instant access to the course portal so you can start diving into the video lessons and Facebook community!

How long is the course?

You have lifetime access to the curriculum which is self-paced. You have 12 weeks of personalized support.

What do I do if I have a question?

You will have lifetime access to our private Facebook Group so you can ask questions - Sloane will personally answer all questions, and the other community members are encouraged to chime in and support you too. You'll never be alone in this journey!

How much time is required per week?

The videos lessons are 6-12 minutes, and the recommended paces is 2-4 lessons/week. The amount of time you spend on journaling is up to you!

How will this affect my weight?

This is not a weight loss program. By healing your relationship with your food and rewiring your judgmental, self-limiting beliefs, you might release unnecessary weight though. And you will FOR SURE release mental and emotional weight (which honestly matters more!). This program will help you reach your body's set range - aka where it feels healthiest and safest. For some, that means gaining. For others, it means losing. And for most, it means staying pretty close to where you are now.

Will we learn about nutrition?


Will we learn about body image?

You can ask body image-related questions in the Facebook Group, and I would also recommend bundling the Body Love Blueprint course with Food Freedom Collective at checkout so you can get the entire healing system.

What happens when I apply?

You will be taken to an application form to answer some questions about your relationship with food and your goals. After you submit your application, you can either: enroll, book a 15 minute consultation call, or ask Sloane questions via Instagram DM before making your final investment decision.

What are the group calls like?

Typically, there are anywhere from 2-12 women on the calls.

We always start with a grounding meditation together, and then everyone takes turns sharing a win or celebration! Next, we go around for questions and challenges - you get to talk about whatever you need support on! For example: How can I listen to my hunger cues better? How do I deal with comparison? Is it "restricting" if I choose the whole wheat bread over the white bread?

Can I upgrade to the VIP Group Coaching Calls later?

Yes! The group coaching calls are honestly next-level when it comes to support and accountability, so you can opt in now or start with the self-paced course and upgrade later.

Do I have to be spiritual to join?

No! The spirituality we discuss is related to your soul - aka, everyone has one no matter what your religion is of if you believe in Tarot cards! Whether you believe in the Universe, Source, God, or nothing, this program will work for you.

Did Sloane personally struggle with food?

You bet I did! I have an entire podcast episode on it - listen to The Sloane Elizabeth Show episode #2.

The choice is yours, my love!

I am SO beyond excited just thinking about all the life changing ah-ha moments and transformations you’re going to experience in your relationship with food and LIFE once you've freedom and Eating with Love & Intuition is soooo much closer than you think!

It’s going to be epic, and you DESERVE this peace, happiness, confidence, freedom, and healing.

If you don’t yet believe that you deserve it, then just borrow my belief for a moment.

Because I know, for sure, that feeling free with your food and body is your birthright.