Are You Ready to Feel Confident In Your Body and Genuinely Love What You See In The Mirror?

In 3 clear steps, you’ll go from feeling insecure and uncomfortable in your body to complete body love, respect, and confidence, without over-exercising or repeating bland affirmations in the mirror.


Can You Relate? You're...

  • Focused on the things you don’t like about yourself and feel miserable, frustrated, and uncomfortable every time you look in the mirror.
  • Exhausted from trying tried every diet, workout plan, and “hack” to avoid the mirror, but nothing has worked long-term.
  • Scared of gaining weight or being judged and are constantly looking for the next best fitness plan or meal prep guide, feeling your heart drop every time you body check or jump on the scale.
  • Trapped in a never-ending comparison cycle (whether looking at your friends, Instagram models, or old pictures of yourself) and don’t know how to get out.
  • Tired of relying on external validation and compliments to make you feel worthy and valuable, but your confidence still takes a plunge every other day.

Now imagine if you...

  • Looked in the mirror and saw YOU with genuine respect and love for your body.
  • Knew how to stop comparing your body to others’ (or to your past body) and confidently accept your current self.
  • Had the exact steps to throw on your favorite outfits without an ounce of doubt or insecurity.
  • Released years (or generations!) of shame, unrealistic beauty standards, and discomfort that’s been making you hide who you really are.
  • Never had to struggle with obsession, overexercising, or dieting again because you know how to trust your body.

If you want to make this your reality, Body Love Blueprint is your roadmap to achieve it. Get instant access to this 3-part course with all the tools you need to stop hating, shaming, and judging your body and finally experience body love and confidence!

See The Body Love Blueprint In Action


Body Love Blueprint

Body Love Blueprint is a 3-step course to help you go from feeling insecure and uncomfortable in your body to loving your body with respect and confidence, without relying on external validation or physical body changes.

  • EXACT ROADMAP: Even if you’re doubtful that you’ll *ever* feel confident in the body you’re in, Body Love Blueprint is here to give you the roadmap to accept, trust, and genuinely LOVE your body without feeling out of control or obsessive with the gym or your diet.
  • FOCUSED ON DEEP HEALING: And most importantly, this program is here to empower you to stop the self-sabotage and get your beautiful power back, from the inside out!
  • SUPPORTIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: You’ll learn the 3 steps you need to use to heal your relationship with your body and get all of the emotional support you need with an international, like-minded community behind you.
  • LIFE-CHANGING EMPOWERMENT: What most people get wrong about body confidence is that it’s not about getting the “aesthetic body of your dreams” - you have to find confidence and peace internally first, which is why I empower you to forgive, release, and heal past traumas and shame before moving on to a future of consistent confidence. I get results.


Body Love Blueprint

The truth is, you don’t need sticky notes on your mirror saying “I am beautiful” to release body shame and comparison! All you need to unlock the confidence you’ve been dreaming of is this 3-step process proven to bring your peace and freedom.


Module 1


Learn how to forgive past trauma, judgments, and shame around your body so you can accept your current state with neutrality.

  • Understand the deeper roots of your fears and insecurities so you can release them for good.
  • Practice patience & going with the ebbs and flows of your body.
  • Get perspective and set loving boundaries around comparison so you can escape the trap once and for all.

Module 2


Shift from willpower, external validation, and forceful self-discipline to unshakable trust in your internal body cues and intuition - you’ll soon trust that your body is on your team!

  • Learn to release obsessive control of exercise and food while still feeling safe, comfortable, and completely under control.
  • Detach meaning from numbers and labels on the scale, your clothes, nutrition labels, or minutes on the treadmill.
  • Listen to, understand, and implement your body cues and messages with zero doubt or overthinking.

Module 3


Genuinely find gratitude, respect, and compassion for your body outside of surface-level aesthetics and beauty trends.

  • Rewire your negative language, thoughts & beliefs around your body and what makes you loveable.
  • Lean into forgiveness of others and yourself so you can release all self-limiting beliefs that are perpetuating the self-sabotage cycle.
  • Embrace your glowing confidence, limitless worth, and expansive potential with complete self-love!


Just 3 Easy Payment of $111


  • 3 self-paced Modules with Recorded Video Lessons
  • 9 Sets of Worksheets and Journal Prompts
  • Bonus: Body Confidence Meditation
  • Bonus: Move with Love Masterclass
  • Bonus: Setting Boundaries Script
  • Bonus: 1:1 45-Minute Graduation Session with Sloane

$111 x 3


Pay in Full and Save!


  • 3 self-paced Modules with Recorded Video Lessons
  • 9 Sets of Worksheets and Journal Prompts
  • Bonus: Body Confidence Meditation
  • Bonus: Move with Love Masterclass
  • Bonus: Setting Boundaries Script
  • Bonus: 1:1 45-Minute Graduation Session with Sloane



Real Student Sucess Stories

What's Included

Join us for a 3-part deep dive where you will have lifetime access to:

  • 3 self-paced modules with recorded video lessons (Value: $600)
  • 9 worksheets to help you absorb all the healing information (Value: $97)
  • 9 sets of reflective, deeply healing journal prompts (Value: $100)
  • 9 sets of aligned action checklists with exact steps to implement (Value: $100)
  • Facebook Community with 24/7 support from an international community (Value: Priceless)
  • Bonus: Body confidence meditation to rewire your subconscious mind and drop into the energy of confidence and peace (Value: $50)
  • Bonus: Setting Boundaries Script to set energetic and spoken boundaries with loved ones who might be jeopardizing your progress (Value: $50)
  • Bonus: Move with Love Masterclass to workout with love and respect for your body (Value: $100)
  • Bonus: 1:1 45-minute Graduation Session with Sloane (Value: $300)

By the end of Body Love Blueprint you will:

  • Get your brain space and energy back (no more obsessively worrying about your body) so that you have the time and energy to actually focus on your loved ones and things that bring you joy.
  • Be confident in your ability to automatically focus on the positives that you see in the mirror so that the negative thoughts don't take over. 
  • Have a bulletproof system to feel confident in your body through every phase of life.
  • Be the kind of person who “can wear anything” because you’re so undoubtedly confident in yourself and radiate that vibration for all to see and feel.
  • Release self-judgment, criticism, and obsession with your “imperfections” so you can accept yourself wholeheartedly.
  • Feel worthy, beautiful, and loveable without relying on external validation or compliments.

If you’re finally ready to experience the confidence you’ve been dreaming of, this is your invitation to join us. 

Here's How Women Like You are Implementing the Blueprint

Client: Veronica

Her Struggles: When Violeta came to me, she was obsessing about her body and worried that her body would change uncontrollably. She wanted to live a life where she wasn’t worried about her body 24/7, and she knew that her body anxiety was getting in the way of her social and professional life.

Results: She stopped panicking about body changes, she learned to exercise out of love, and she felt strong and sexy in her body without losing weight or changing anything aesthetic. When she found body love, her entire life improved drastically!

Client: Caroline

Her Struggles: When Covi reached out, she was obsessing about her weight, and her body image was dictating her daily mood. Exercise was a form of punishment and a means to earn food, and she was so frustrated with the ups and downs of her body image. She felt insecure and was constantly comparing herself to others with self-sabotaging habits.

Results: She moved from insecure to confident, she released old clothes that no longer fit her, and she bought bikinis that she felt sexy and incredible in! She began going to the gym to move her body with love instead of punishment, and she was able to live life and focus on the experiences instead of her body size or weight!

Getting to the point where you can’t even remember the last time you had a bad body image day is 100% possible for you too when you have the right roadmap to follow. There is an unprecedented opportunity in front of you right now inside the Body Love Blueprint, and all you have to do is show up and claim it. The Universe brought you here for a reason. Let me show you how!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Sloane Elizabeth, the creator of Body Love Blueprint

and Food Freedom Collective!


  • I’m a holistic wellness coach, food freedom and body love expert, certified yoga teacher, and creator of the Eat & Move with Love and Intuition method.
  • I’ve helped hundreds of women across 5 continents rewire their subconscious minds, shift their thoughts and beliefs, and take aligned action to live their most abundant, high vibe lives while loving food and their bodies.
  • I’m the leading expert in healing through science and spirituality, and I’ve made it my mission to empower women everywhere to heal in a way that actually lasts.
  • I went from thigh gap and six-pack obsessed, overexercising, dieting, and hating my body to RADIATING love and confidence, and I want to show you how to do the same! I’ve tried it all, and at this point, I know what works if you’re looking to heal your relationship with food and your body. That’s why my programs work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program help me lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. By healing your relationship with your body and rewiring your judgmental, self-limiting beliefs, you might release unnecessary weight. Some people gain weight if that’s what their bodies need, and some people stay the same. What won’t stay the same is your mindset and feelings towards your body, and THAT is the most important part.

I’m not sure if I’m actually ready to heal.

If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to come where you feel 100% ready to heal, you’ll be waiting forever. Instead of asking “Am I ready?”, I invite you to ask yourself “Am I really ok with NOT doing anything to change my current reality?”. It’s normal to be nervous - if you weren’t nervous, you wouldn’t be leaving your comfort zone! But getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to get into the growth zone, and that is where the real transformation happens.

How does it all work and how long will it take?

As soon as you enroll, you can begin with immediate access to the course! You will get instant life-time access to 3 self-paced modules, so there’s no rush or deadline to complete them. However, there’s no time to waste when it comes to feeling confident! So I encourage you to set a goal to complete 1 module in 2 weeks, setting you up for program completion in 6 weeks.

How is this different from everything else I’ve tried?

Most people focus on ACTION to get to their goals - they DO the workouts, they GO to the gym, they SAY the affirmations…and they’re wasting their time because *doing* without *healing* doesn’t ever last. The Body Love Blueprint uses a method that combines science with spirituality in a way that no other program does. It’s about deep healing, rewiring the subconscious mind, and helping you love your body through the lens of respect - not aesthetics. It’s a system that WORKS, and that in itself makes it different. ;)

Will this program work for me?

While I can’t manually insert the knowledge and healing into you, I can say that clearly what you’re doing now is NOT working. The program has been proven to work with 100’s of women across the globe, so the only reason why it wouldn’t work is if you don’t show up and do the work. But because you’re here, I believe you’re the type of person who DOES show up and who DOES commit to herself.

Will you address food freedom?

This program is hyperfocused on body image. While there is typically overlap between body image healing and food freedom healing, and healing your relationship with your body can help you improve your relationship with food, this program is going to focus primarily on the body. If you’re looking for more in-depth food freedom healing, feel free to explore the Food Freedom Collective.

Can I still join if I’m already in Food Freedom Collective?

Yes! These are sister programs that are meant to compliment one another.

You’re here for a reason, and your heart and body

know you deserve this healing.

You only get one body and one life - both are too precious to continue spiraling down the tunnel of shame. Confidence is meant to be yours - let me hand you the step-by-step blueprint so you can fully embody the glowing woman you’re meant to be.