Start loving your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin so that you can confidently ease into food freedom and release insecurity and body shame.

Confidence Is A Mindset. Not A Size!

Feeling comfortable and confident in your body is your birthright, but it has been taken away from too women (I’d bet that every woman on Earth has felt judged or insecure about her body at one point in time)...

We have been lied to for years and decades and generations to believe that we are not:



Good enough


If we are not “slim/thin/skinny”...and it’s all a LIE!

We've also been told that if you have *food freedom* and eat "whatever, whenever", then you'll have to give up your health and fitness goals...that is also a LIE!

Honestly - who the F does society think it is to tell us that we are not magical, radiant, glowing goddesses unless we look a certain way?! It’s kind of absurd

When your body confidence is manipulated and taken away from you (thanks a lot @diet culture), and you’re taught to be jealous, compare your body to others, and literally SHRINK your body to conform to society’s “standards”, it doesn’t only making you feel anxious to be in a bathing suit. It also impacts your self-esteem…your intimate relationships…your mood…your relationship with food…your ability to concentrate at work…your friendships

But it is TIME put your foot down!

You can (and I hope you do!) reclaim your body confidence and body love!

Because ultimately, you are so much more powerful than diet culture or society’s beauty standard will ever be.

You are made of stardust, my love, and your gorgeous vessel of a body is uniquely yours and completely perfect and worthy.

And when you don’t feel confident in your body, you hide

You hold yourself back from speaking up

You isolate from your loved ones

You restrict your food intake

And THAT is not fair to the world!

It’s not fair for you to rob this world of your radiant presence…so yeah, you owe it to yourself (and US!) to start healing your body image and releasing all the bullshit lies that have been fed to you about why you’re not beautiful or good enough in your current body.

You owe it to yourself to shed layers of protection and scarcity and self-sabotage so that you can confidently ease out of insecurity and into freedom, peace, and love in your body and with food.

Your body is your HOME, and you deserve to feel safe, loved, appreciated, and at peace in your home.

But right now you might not feel that way…

Perhaps living in your body feels


Like a constant battle





You might even feel hopeless and doubt that you’ll EVER be able to feel ok when you look at yourself in the mirror.

So why don’t you borrow my hope for a minute (I’ve got lots of it to go around!) and just imagine this with me…

Now imagine you...

  • Wake up in the morning, instantly feeling a genuine sense of gratitude wash over you because you are so excited for the day ahead.
  • You get up and go to your closet to get dressed and feel inspired by the clothes in front of you - you easily pick out an outfit that makes you feel like a sexy queen, and you adore your reflection in the mirror without body checking or criticizing your appearance.
  • Doing your hair and makeup feels like a breeze, and you can’t help but feel happy and confident as you see yourself in the mirror - damn, you are GLOWING!
  • When you’re with your coworkers at the office, you feel confident speaking up and sharing your ideas - no more hiding (or all black clothes) for you!!
  • After work, you feel inspired to go to the gym - not because you have to or because you must earn your dinner - but because you want to go and it feels so fucking good to move your gorgeous body in an empowered way. You are a strong badass, yes you are!
  • When you get home, you see a text from your friends inviting you to a pool party this weekend - you RSVP “yes” without hesitation or anxiety about being in a bathing suit, and then you move on with the rest of your night…

Sound like a dream?

It’s not…

It’s about to be your REALITY!

Here's What We Will Cover in the Body Love Blueprint ⤵️

Module 1


Forgive past traumas, judgments, and shame around your body so you can accept yourself as you are, right now, with neutrality and peace. 

  • Understand the deeper roots of your fears and insecurities so you can release them for good.
  • Transform fear and shame into peace and love.
  • Practice patience & going with the ebbs and flows of your body.
  • Bring body neutrality into the picture so you can take small, sustainable baby steps towards body love.
  • Get perspective and stop comparing your body to others'.
  • Be comfortable in the discomfort instead of avoiding or distracting yourself when triggers come up.

Module 2


Willpower no longer has a spot at this table - build unshakable trust in your body cues and intuition so that you can be on the same team as your body and stop relying on external validation or society’s standards to boost your confidence.

  • Learn to release obsessive control of exercise and food while still feeling safe, comfortable, and completely under control.
  • Detach meaning from numbers and labels on the scale, your clothes, nutrition labels, or minutes on the treadmill.
  • Listen to, understand, and implement your body cues and messages with zero doubt or overthinking.
  • Trust your body's cues and feel safe in your body again.
  • Learn the truth about metabolism and weight.
  • Stop trusting society's lies about what it means to be beautiful!

Module 3


 Lean into genuine gratitude, respect, compassion, and love for your body outside of surface-level aesthetics and beauty trends.

  • Rewire your negative language, thoughts & beliefs around your body and what makes you lovable.
  • Forgive others (and yourself) who hurt, bullied, and shamed you so you can release all self-limiting beliefs that are perpetuating the self-sabotage cycle.
  • Embrace your glowing confidence, limitless worth, and expansive potential with complete self-love!
  • Stop body shaming yourself!
  • Love your body's aesthetics without feeling fake or egocentric.
  • Skyrocket your confidence, no matter the number on the scale.

PLUS...$633 Worth of BONUSES!

  • BONUS #1: How to Exercise with Love & Intuition
  • BONUS #2: How to Set Boundaries With Loved Ones
  • BONUS #3: Body Love Meditation
  • BONUS #4: Taking Up Space & Standing In Your Power Meditation
  • BONUS #5: Guide to Give Your Loved Ones Who Support Your Healing
  • BONUS #6: Guide to Release Old Clothes
  • BONUS #7: How to Step On the Scale Without Being Triggered
  • BONUS #8: 45-minute 1:1 call with Sloane at the end of the program

The annoying thing about any healing journey is that most of the time, it’s not your fault that you got here, but it IS your responsibility to set yourself up for healing success so you can move forward.

In this case, it’s not your fault at ALL that you don’t feel confident in your body!

There are likely many people to “blame”...


Social media




Diet ads




However, none of them are coming to rescue you from the exhausting prison of fighting with your body.

That, my love, is up to you.

Now before you start feeling angry and sorry for yourself...

I want you to think about how it could feel EMPOWERING to have this responsibility.

Because that means that you have the power to heal. You have the power to transform your self-limiting beliefs. You have the power to say “f*ck you* to the past traumas and shaming and bullies. You have the power to change your relationship with your body image and set yourself up for food freedom healing too!

And that is pretty freaking magical position to be in.

It is also a GIFT to go through a healing journey to love your body again.

Because when you invest in your healing, you come out on the other end with an even BETTER relationship with your body than you ever had *before* you ever started struggling.

What if this insecurity/struggle/trigger wasn’t happening TO you…but it was happening FOR you…?

Results You Can Expect from the Body Love Blueprint:

  • Get your brain space and energy back (no more obsessively worrying about your body) so that you have the time and energy to actually focus on your loved ones and things that bring you joy.
  • Be confident in your ability to automatically focus on the positives that you see in the mirror so that the negative thoughts don't take over. 
  • Have a bulletproof system to feel confident in your body through every phase of life.
  • Release weight gain anxiety so you can ease into FOOD FREEDOM!
  • Be the kind of person who “can wear anything” because you’re so undoubtedly confident in yourself and radiate that vibration for all to see and feel.
  • Release self-judgment, criticism, and obsession with your “imperfections” so you can accept yourself wholeheartedly.
  • Feel worthy, beautiful, and lovable without relying on external validation or compliments.
  • Start to genuinely accept your body where it’s at.
  • Find peace in your mind and body again.
  • Feel more comfortable in your body on the daily.
  • Tap into your body’s intuition with trust.
  • Feel ok taking rest days from the gym without anxiety.
  • Detach your self-worth from the scale or the mirror.
  • Not feel triggered from bloating.
  • Inspire your loved ones to love their bodies more too.
  • Go out with friends and be social without letting your body image hold you back.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others (or your past self).
  • Stop body checking and start connecting to your body on a deeper level.
  • Work out with love & intuition.
  • Leave the “black and white”, “all or nothing” mindset behind so you can feel consistent with your healthy habits/
  • Break the generational chain of women shaming their bodies.
  • Wear a bikini without having to prep for the vacation with a juice cleanse.
  • Look in the mirror with love and genuine appreciation.
  • Stop constantly obsessing about your body 24/7 - hello brain space!
  • Focus on what’s important without obsessing or micromanaging your appearance.
  • Stop worrying about gaining weight every time you eat or skip a workout.
  • Never feel like your progress is ruined by a meal or a missed workout
  • Set yourself up for a healthy relationship with food.
  • Date and increase intimacy and connection in relationships.
  • No longer feel crushed under the weight of worrying about your body.
  • Eat without needing to earn it from a workout.
  • Throw on your favorite outfits without an ounce of doubt or insecurity.
  • Fearlessly showing up as your best, boldest self.
  • Eat full meals no matter how your body looks that day or how bloated you are.

I need you to understand this:

You deserve to love yourself and your body.

And that’s the thing I need you to understand the MOST because I’m gonna guess that right now, the self-sabotage voice is getting pretty damn loud…

“You don’t need help”

“You’ll never feel good about yourself so why even try?”

“Nothing has ever worked before, so why will this?”

But if you let the self-sabotage fear voice win, IT WILL KEEP WINNING AND YOU WILL STAY STUCK.

And honestly - have you ever tried anything that was *actually* set up for your success?!

(I’m not talking about a diet or a personal trainer or a sticky note on the bathroom mirror that says “I am beautiful”. I’m talking about a step-by-step, proven process with tools that are specifically created to help you heal on a deep level…Yeah, I thought so ;) )

Because this is not just about feeling comfortable wearing a bathing suit at the beach…

This is about your mental health.

This is about your relationships.

This is about your children’s body image.

This is about your relationship with food.

This is about your career.

When you’re hiding and constantly focused on fitting a mold and shrinking, you shrink your energy and you limit your potential.

And we are no longer available for anything LESS THAN fully claiming your limitless confidence and exponential potential!!!

So this is your very first homework assignment…

  • Enroll now!
  • Then get instant access to everything in the course…


  • Potent video and audio lessons in 3 jam-packed modules that teach you the step-by-step method to heal your body image and love yourself again.
  • Worksheets for each lesson to take notes.
  • Journaling prompts for each lesson (over 100+ total!) to reflect and rewire your subconscious self-limiting beliefs.
  • Aligned action checklists after every lesson so you know exactly WHAT to do to implement the healing blueprint and experience wins instantly.
  • 8 Powerhouse Bonuses
  • Lifetime access to the curriculum! 
  • Access to our Facebook Community for 24/7 support and accountability - post your questions, reflections, and wins in there so the community can celebrate you and I can help you!

See The Body Love Blueprint In Action!

Here's How Women Like You Are Implementing the Blueprint...

Client: Veronica

Her Struggles: When Violeta came to me, she was obsessing about her body and worried that her body would change uncontrollably. She wanted to live a life where she wasn’t worried about her body 24/7, and she knew that her body anxiety was getting in the way of her social and professional life.

Results: She stopped panicking about body changes, she learned to exercise out of love, and she felt strong and sexy in her body without losing weight or changing anything aesthetic. When she found body love, her entire life improved drastically!

Client: Caroline

Her Struggles: When Covi reached out, she was obsessing about her weight, and her body image was dictating her daily mood. Exercise was a form of punishment and a means to earn food, and she was so frustrated with the ups and downs of her body image. She felt insecure and was constantly comparing herself to others with self-sabotaging habits.

Results: She moved from insecure to confident, she released old clothes that no longer fit her, and she bought bikinis that she felt sexy and incredible in! She began going to the gym to move her body with love instead of punishment, and she was able to live life and focus on the experiences instead of her body size or weight!

Getting to the point where you can’t even remember the last time you had a bad body image day is 100% possible for you too when you have the right roadmap to follow.

This is the opportunity your intuition has been waiting for - it's right in front of you right now inside the Body Love Blueprint, and all you have to do is show up and claim it. The Universe brought you here for a reason. Let me show you how!

Investment Options

Just 3 Easy Payment of $165 USD


  • 3 Self-Paced Modules with Recorded Video & Audio Lessons
  • Worksheets with every lesson
  • Journal Prompts with every lesson
  • Aligned Action Checklist with every lesson
  • BONUS #1: How to Exercise with Love & Intuition
  • BONUS #2: How to Set Boundaries With Love Ones
  • BONUS #3: Body Love Meditation
  • BONUS #4: Taking Up Space & Standing In Your Power Meditation
  • BONUS #5: Guide to Give Your Loved Ones Who Support Your Healing
  • BONUS #6: Guide to Release Old Clothes
  • BONUS #7: How to Step On the Scale Without Being Triggered
  • BONUS #8: 45-Minute 1:1 Call with Sloane at the end of the program

3 Monthly Payments of $165 USD


Pay In Full & SAVE!


  • 3 Self-Paced Modules with Recorded Video & Audio Lessons
  • Worksheets with every lesson
  • Journal Prompts with every lesson
  • Aligned Action Checklist with every lesson
  • BONUS #1: How to Exercise with Love & Intuition
  • BONUS #2: How to Set Boundaries With Love Ones
  • BONUS #3: Body Love Meditation
  • BONUS #4: Taking Up Space & Standing In Your Power Meditation
  • BONUS #5: Guide to Give Your Loved Ones Who Support Your Healing
  • BONUS #6: Guide to Release Old Clothes
  • BONUS #7: How to Step On the Scale Without Being Triggered
  • BONUS #8: 45-Minute 1:1 Call with Sloane at the end of the program
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Guide to Stop Body Checking

One Payment of $444 USD


Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Sloane Elizabeth, the creator of Body Love Blueprint and Food Freedom Collective!


Sloane Elizabeth is a holistic wellness coach and food freedom expert specializing in helping women stop dieting, obsessing, restricting, and stressing over food so that they can experience food freedom and body love. She uses a unique and powerful combination of science and spirituality to help her clients Eat with Love & Intuition. Sloane is also a published author and has been featured on Food Network, The Doctors, Betches, and Authority Magazine.

After struggling with restrictive diet culture, she learned through her own healing journey that the root of her food and body image issues had nothing to do with food or weight - it was so much deeper. Once she combined science (from nutrition, biology, neuroscience, and psychology) with spirituality (intuition, manifestation, energy healing), her relationship with her body and food changed forever, and she knew she had found her calling. Intuitive Eating is not just about “eating what you’re craving and stopping when you’re full”. Most nutritionists and coaches will give you a meal plan or a checklist of actions to take - this leaves women more confused and dependent upon someone else’s ideas instead of learning to trust their own bodies. Sloane’s method of food freedom and body love is all about healing the subconscious roots of the food and body image struggle first (mainly stemming from perfectionism and lack of self-worth) so that taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health becomes intuitive, loving, and easy.

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and want to cry.

I know how it feels to kill yourself in the gym for 2+ hours and feel like you’re not seeing results.

I know how it feels to look at old pictures and think “whyyy can’t I just look like that again?!”.

And I also know how it feels to find peace.

To find acceptance.

To find confidence.

To heal.

Your soul and intuition brought you here for a reason - you aren’t on this page by accident.

You are meant to claim your body love birthright - and there’s never a more perfect time than the present.

(I can practically hear the excuses running through your mind right now, and I call BS! Few things are more important than your holistic health and self-love…)

You’ve already spent so much time…energy…brain space…anxiety…fear worrying about your body image - but you can reclaim that now.

I promise that you DESERVE to feel beautiful and confident and comfortable in your body - no matter what the fear voice is saying right now - and your body wants nothing more than to be on the same team as you again.

This is your chance to stand up to the self-sabotage…stand up to the middle school bully…stand up to the diet ads…stand up to the women in your family who taught you to diet…

Your intuition is calling you - it’s time to pick up the call and say YES to your healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program help me lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. By healing your relationship with your body and rewiring your judgmental, self-limiting beliefs, you might release unnecessary weight. Some people gain weight if that’s what their bodies need, and some people stay the same. What won’t stay the same is your mindset and feelings towards your body, and THAT is the most important part.

What is the success rate?

If you work the program, it will work for you ;)

What you put in is what you get out! If I told you it was an 100% success rate, you probably wouldn't believe me! What I will say is that after completing my programs, on average people feel like they are ~80% of the way to their DREAM goals! That's a #success to me! Also - you will see success and results immediately, because I'm all about small, sustainable, baby steps changes!

Can I join in a couple of months? Not ready yet.

Can I challenge you for a moment? Because what does "ready" even look like?

Will you be "ready" after another beach-less summer because your anxiety is taking over? Will you be "ready" after 3 more months of hating your reflection in the mirror? Will you be "ready" after another $500 worth of diet food and fitness classes go down the drain?

You can choose to say byeee to the BS fears (it's called self-sabotage and it's trying to keep you small) NOW!

And, in a few months, the investment for this program will likely go up...So yes, you can wait. But why would you?

How does it all work and how long will it take?

As soon as you enroll, you can begin with immediate access to the course! You will get instant, lifetime access to 3 self-paced modules, so there’s no rush or deadline to complete them. However, there’s no time to waste when it comes to feeling confident! So I encourage you to set a goal to complete 1 module every 2 weeks, setting you up for program completion in 6 weeks.

Can I try it out and then decide if I want to continue?

No. We do not offer refunds or "taste tests" on any of our programs. Once you're in, you're IN, and you're a part of the family forever. :)

Also, body image healing isn't something you just *try*. It's something you COMMIT to (otherwise, it definitely won't work). This is your first homework assignment: follow your intuition, and say YES to your healing when the self-sabotage and fear voice get loud. It's time to go ALL IN babe!

How is this different from everything else I’ve tried?

Most people focus on ACTION to get to their goals - they DO the workouts, they GO to the gym, they SAY the affirmations…and they’re wasting their time because *doing* without *healing* doesn’t ever last. The Body Love Blueprint uses a method that combines science with spirituality in a way that no other program does. It’s about deep healing, rewiring the subconscious mind, and helping you love your body through the lens of respect - not aesthetics. It’s a system that WORKS, and that in itself makes it different. ;)

How is this different from Food Freedom Collective?

Food Freedom Collective is my signature FOOD program. Body Love Blueprint is my signature BODY IMAGE program. While your relationship with food and your relationship with your body image obviously overlap, they each have their own nuances and lessons, which is why these programs are separate. If you want to heal your relationship with food, but you're scared or gaining weight or having your body change, start with the Body Love Blueprint. If you are ready to dive head-first into releasing restricting, binge eating, and dieting, then apply to the Food Freedom Collective now.

Can I still join if I’m already in Food Freedom Collective?

Yes! These are sister programs that are meant to complement one another. I highly recommend having both!

Will you address food freedom?

This program is primarily focused on body image. While there is typically an overlap between body image healing and food freedom healing, and healing your relationship with your body can help you improve your relationship with food, this program is going to focus primarily on the body. If you’re looking for more in-depth food freedom healing, feel free to apply to the Food Freedom Collective.

Will this program work for me?

While I can’t manually insert the knowledge and healing into you, I can say that clearly what you’re doing now is NOT working. The program has been proven to work with 100’s of women across the globe, so the only reason why it wouldn’t work is if you don’t show up and do the work. But because you’re here, I believe you’re the type of person who DOES show up and who DOES commit to herself. So, I'll let you answer this one ;)

You’re here for a reason, and your heart and body

know you deserve this healing.

I want you to be able to rock that bikini with total ease and confidence. But more so, I want you to feel empowered to show up and live your life fully.

That is why I created the Body Love Blueprint.

And it is indeed a blueprint - it’s the 3-step manual you need to accept, trust, and love your body again.

I’m laying it all out for you - why don’t you say YES to letting it be easy?

Say YES to setting yourself up for success with a step-by-step plan?

Say YES to not having to struggle through this alone anymore?

We’ve (the Universe and I 😉) got you!